Business Support Services

Offering Business and Technology Support Services to Both SMEs and Multinationals across Nigeria

We are AshaPhillips

A member of the BTconnecT Group, a company duly registered by the CAC under the corporate laws of Nigeria, we design, develop and implement solutions for our clients aimed at building their brand loyalty.

Our services cut across fields such as ICT, Banking, Business Management and Consultancy, Marketing, Branding, CRM, PR, Capacity and Change Management amongst others.

Business Support Services

We offer Business and Technology Support Services to both SMEs and multinationals across the Nigerian populace. Together with our clients, we build a brand up to its maximum potential.

Marketing and Business Development

It doesn't matter your products or services: tangible or intangible; oil and gas products, banking services; ICT hardware or software; fashion store; real estate; whatever it is, we just sell. Your products and services become ours.

Brand Building and Management

We provide our clients with creative solutions customized to their standards and environments to help effectively communicate key messages to key audiences, while positively affecting clients' business results.

Change Management and Capacity Building

Our change management approach has been so tailored to help transition individuals and teams into the organizational future goals and objectives for sustained and continuing business growth

Procurement and Supply Management

The process of procurement, purchasing and supply of office infrastructure and equipments require utmost transparency and integrity and may be cumbersome, hence we are here with you to take that stress off you.

Online Communication

We help clients create effective internet communications strategies, and together with experienced partners provide a variety of internet related services.

Crisis Management

No smaller thing is at stake than the company's good name and reputation - its most precious assets. A communications crisis without a prompt resolution may lead to the undermining of customers' and employees' trust and a direct loss of financial and business opportunities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is responsible of any company or business to give back to its environs, the society in which it operates. Responsibility, which the company itself perceives and which is also expected and sometimes loudly demanded by the inhabitants of such society.


We have built overtime relationships across the media upon which we leverage in working out advertising solutions for our clients. We can design and develop ad concepts for clients, and place slots for such clients.

Back-Office Organization

We provide back-office operational support to our clients to lower costs, reduce errors, and improve cycle time of their businesses. Our protocols and procedures take into cognizance the three fundamental types of back-office processes: the core, the management and governance.

ICT and Infrastructure

As part of our support services, we partner with businesses in the area of infrastructure including fabrication, acquisition, procurement, purchase, sale, rental, management, maintenance, warehousing, distribution and logistics, etc.